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Message us at our gamertagsEdit

  • TheRealDoctor84
  • TheRealJesus69
  • Mobius 95

Just say that you want to be in our clan and you can play with us and it will be official. Were not an exclusive clan. You can be in your boosting MLG quick-scope doucher clan and ours at the same time. We don't really care.

Although It's easy to join our clan, you can't join the clan on ELITE unless you have over a 1 K/D, we'll let you in if you have like a .9, but you better be bringing that up. Also being in our clan on ELITE means that you'll have to quit your other clan on ELITE. I wouldn't recommend that though, since we don't have ELITE Premium yet. Our very generous clan member Mobius 95 has taken ownership of the clan on ELITE and will get us Premium pretty soon.