AOPH is a legit 360 clan. Founded By TheRealDoctor84 and TheRealJesus69 (back then it was zakorsumtin and DemonicPlague00.) AOPH can mean anything, Army of Panda Hipsters, Polish Hippies, Parkour Hamsters, Anal Only Please Hurry, whatever. We're a hardcore Modern Warfare clan but we also get together to play Fortress Craft, or whatever else.

We dont really care who's in our clan. AOPH is just a great looking clan tag and we want it to be known around Call Of Duty games. Spread it.

Our rival clan is APOH. These losers are 2 or 3 guys we played against in Team Tact one day and thought AOPH was so badass they all changed their clan tags to APOH. We ruined them. 3 to 0 in SD. We have to ruin them some more.

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